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Top 10 countries visitors came from - July 2010

Following are top 10 countries from where users came to visit this website in the month of July-2010.

rank country pages hits
1 Pakistan 1032 4321
2 United States 830 2284
3 Malaysia 779 2917
4 Vietnam 294 294
5 Saudi Arabia 261 644
6 Great Britain 185 1030
7 Brunei Darussalam 164 652
8 Australia 128 439
9 India 128 590
10 Canada 90 417

There are a number of other countries with few pages/hits, complete list runs into hundreds of countries.

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I came to this list

I came to this list unexpectedly and I am surprised to see that Indians are only 9th in the list. I think visitors in majority of blogs are from India, US and UK but in this case the statistics tell something else. I think in coming years situations might change.

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