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Finally, myBlog goes LIVE!

Habitually, the organic thinking processor fitted in the middling skull of mine is eventful most of the time in issues of my adventuring disciplines, primarily Riba and related to it, in spite of this hysterical on-going process where ideas and queries are piled up a lot, when it comes to translate those thoughts demanding to take the weight off my feet and put down in a seat, there comes the fear of facing a pen or the keyboard frightening me always for the simple reason that I am not a professional or skillful writer, see it kept me vacillating and flying in a circle of today and tomorrow, now it is more than one year and forty-three weeks that I am posting this first content despite a fully functional blog section was made ready, as it is today, some where in early August 2008. Congrats to me, cheers! Finally it goes Live!

Parenthetically, that was not the sole reason causing this holdup but the leading one, there are some other reasons too adding force to the first excuse – like a feel of responsibility as to justify maintaining a blog by actively posting and responding to site visitors, hope to meet this obligation in present span of time since I have off-loaded myself by shortening my “to-do list” from other spheres of life, etc.

Anyhow, now I have taken up the task to roll the head, keep visiting myBlog since I hope to add some impending stuff regularly. Although normally, I do avoid criticizing however I am thinking seriously to include some tacit criticism in my posts as well. For the most part of stuff – articles are intended to assemble a topical subject and a focal pitch (tone), like if Riba is the underlined subject, it might have several pitches for example, the concept, rationale, issues, criticism, defining and so on. You will also see some attention-grabbing information about this website comprising statistics and search strings typed in search engines and directories to reach my website etc. etc.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed; in a separate post after this one, some information about the structure of the blog and a description of privileges granted to registered and non-registered users are described.

Thanks for visiting.

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As Salamu Alaikum,

Thank you for your in depth discourses on riba/banking.
I am a Malaysian muslim in KL and presently a coordinator of our Muslim community Information and resource centre.I was a Bank manager Islamic and riba banks.I and a friend of mine who is a mudir of Islamic school and graduate of Usuluddin Damascus have just set up a blog called ( literally
No to riba ) As you have stated that your articles are free, I will take the liberty to extract them and translate them to Malay for the benefit of my people.
Again thank you for the kind gesture.

Notwithstanding the excellent discourse on discounting,it would be "more convincing " if authourities from Quran or Hadiths are attached.

article on discounting

Wa Alaikoum Al Salam,

You become the first person to add a comment on myBlog, welcome! Insha’ALLAH, will write an exclusive article on discounting that will include few references as you have suggested; it is already included in my planned list of subjects.

Qazi Irfan

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