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The most downloaded article

The article addresses one of the most debated query in Islamic history asking for the justification of allowing “mark-up” in a deferred sale but not allowing “interest” in loan, i.e., in other words of present context it asks what is the difference in Murabaha Financing (cost plus) and Lending on Interest (principal or loan plus)?

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Top 20 of 145 Search Strings - July 2010

Mainly Google directed its search clients to for 876 times as a result of search keywords typed in google search bar, next was Yahoo which directed just 64 visitors from its search engine. Following are top 20 out of total 145 search terms/pharases used to reach my website.

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Top 10 countries visitors came from - July 2010

Following are top 10 countries from where users came to visit this website in the month of July-2010.

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About myBlog and visitors’ privileges

There are plenty of blog scripts and platforms available free on the Internet (like wordpress, nucleus, b2evolution etc.) as well as some free blog hosting services (like blogger). It has now become very easy to make a separate blog section on your site, only a little theme development effort is required if you have an existing website and want to preserve its present style.

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Finally, myBlog goes LIVE!

Habitually, the organic thinking processor fitted in the middling skull of mine is eventful most of the time in issues of my adventuring disciplines, primarily Riba and related to it, in spite of this hysterical on-going process where ideas and queries are piled up a lot, when it comes to translate those thoughts demanding to take the weight off my feet and put down in a seat, there comes the fear

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